Timber Decking

Yellow Balau

(Ask for our premium “CT deck”)
Yellow Balau is a heavy hardwood that is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. With a mixture of warm colours of golden browns, light browns and pale reddish-browns, Yellow Balau offers a unique colour range which will sit beautifully within any environment.

Yellow Balau is highly sought after for decking and is one of the best options when it comes to durability and ease of maintenance. If no oil or seal is applied, Yellow Balau will naturally oxidise to a light grey colour.

Note : Due to its density, fine hair cracks are a characteristic of the timber as it dries over time.

Available in the following sizes:
19 x 68mm from 1.2m up to 6.0m (Increments of 0.3m)
19 x 90mm from 1.2m up to 6.0m (Increments of 0.3m)

Massaranduba Hard Wood

Massaranduba is a beautiful Brazilian Hardwood. If you have a home with deep dark tones, brick or reddish trim then Massaranduba is the wood for you!

Massaranduba kiln dried decking is the perfect solution for exotic wood decks due to its beauty, hardness and durability. Massaranduba naturally resists rot, decay and termites, and is highly resistant to splintering, twisting or cracking

H4 and H3 CCA Treated Pine

H4 and H3 CCA Treated Pine is a softwood that is widely used and continues to grow in popularity and demand. It’s grown to become one of the most popular decking timbers because it is one of the least expensive options.

Pine takes stain or paint well, so you can make your deck any colour you like. It is an excellent choice for the harsh South African conditions and can last a lifetime when installed, treated and maintained correctly