Structural Material

This is the structure that needs to be created before laying your deck planks. Important consideration must be paid to the type of material used for your structure because your deck is only as good as the structure which it is built on.

Structural SA Pine
SA Pine is a soft wood which is commercially grown in South Africa. Its inexpensive and very suitable for using as a sub-structure for your deck, as long it is SABS graded (minimum S5), has been CCA treated and is of the correct Hazard classification for its intended use.

CCA treated timber is tinted green, odourless, safe and requires no special equipment during installation.

– Available in the following sizes:
– Thickness – 38mm/50mm/76mm
– Width – 38mm/50mm/76mm/114mm/152mm/228mm
– Lengths – 3.6m/4.2m/5.4m/6.0m
– Hazard Classification – H3 (Joists and Support beams) H4 (Posts)
– Grade – S5 (SABS Structural grade)
– PAR – Planned all round (ie. Not rough sawn)
– Kiln Dried

Structural Balau Balau is a heavy Hardwood which is very durable and long lasting, it has extremely strong structural properties and is recommended for structural use. It contains toxins which provides protection from wood attacking insects and is high in resins and oils which naturally repel water and limit rot. If no oil or seal is applied, Balau will naturally oxidise to a light grey colour. Balau Structural Timber can also be used for Screens, Balustrades, Pergolas etc

– Available in the following sizes:
– Thickness – 20mm/30mm/40mm/50mm/60mm
– Width –  30mm/40mm/60mm/102mm/140mm/215mm/250mm/300mm
– Lengths – 2.4m up to 6.0m (Increments of 0.3m)
– S4S – Surfaced four sides Kiln Dried

CCA Treating
Is the process of pressure treating SA pine, whereby a solution of chromium, copper and arsenate is impregnated into the timber to preserve it and give it a longer life expectancy. The chromium acts to help the other chemicals bind and fix into the timber. The copper acts to protect the wood against decay, fungi, and bacteria, and the arsenic provides protection from wood attacking insects.

There are various Hazard Classifications – (H) Classifications.
– H2 for internal use
– H3 for external above ground
– H4 for in ground contact
– H5 for submersion in fresh water
– H6 for submersion in salt water.

SABS Structural Grade
S5 grade indicates that it complies with a certain stress grade, which is related to specific strengths. The higher the number the higher the strength properties of the timber.