Decking Accessories & Fixings

We offer a wide range of high quality decking accessories and fixings to complement our outdoor decking products, making installation quick and easy.

Counter Sink
A counter sink is used to create pre-drilled holes to a specific depth. Pre-drilling stops the deck planks from splitting or cracking when inserting the decking screws.

– WPW 4/10 (compatible with all screws sold by Coastal Timber)

*Drill bits and Allen Keys sold separately

Sanding Disk

– 115mm Sanding Disks
– Available in 24/36/60/80/100/120 Grit

Very popular for creating balustrades with an un-obstructed view while still offering the structural integrity to that of a timber balustrade.

– 316 commercial marine grade, superior strength & rust resistant
– 1/19 : one group of nineteen wires, formed helical around a strand core
– Available in 3mm and 4mm diameter

-Stainless Steel
-Available in 60mm and 100mm lengths with 3mm or 4mm holes
*Cable cutters sold separately

– Kal-Gard coated
– 1000 hours salt tested
– Available in 30mm/40mm/50mm/60mm/75mm

Also Avalilable

Anchor Sleeves : 10 x 75mm/100mm
Drill Bits : 3.2mm/4.0mm
Hiltis : 6 x 70mm/8 x 80mm/100mm
Threaded bar : 12mm/16mm/20mm
Timber Loks : 8 x 60mm/75mm/90mm
Wallplugs : 10 x 50mm